Poly-Saturated Poly-Saturated Podcast Episode 57 – Wonder Bro

Episode 57 – Wonder Bro

We got a surprise visit from Crow’s brother, WonderBro, for Crow’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CROW)! So, naturally as one of our 1st and most faithful listeners, we asked WonderBro to sit in and do a podcast with us. In this episode we talked about his reconciliation with Crow and the surprises that whole process entailed and some of the ins and outs of our relationship dynamics. Most importantly, we talked about how wonderful it is to have so many more family members to love and cherish.

Episode 55 – Say What The Fork You Mean

In this, our latest epsiode of the insanity we call a life, we go into double-speak and other back assward means that people use to “communicate” their needs – and why just saying what the fork you mean is the best method of practice all around … So – say what the fork you mean and mean what the fork you say. And dive into a more tasty meal of living.

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