Episode 38 – Scarlett Fever – Joining a Polycule Part 2

Part 2

In this 2 part episode Xan’s girlfriend, Scarlett, was able to be here with us in the flesh. We did a very special interview of sorts and all dove right into sharing the concerns we had about opening our previously closed polycule and her concerns about dating Xan.

Episode 37 – Meta-Code

When operating within the societal norms of interpersonal relationships, we have developed, as a culture, what some have dubbed the “code” (ie: Bro Code). This code puts into effect certain rules that those in your circle are to adhere to when it comes to interacting with one another. We introduce you to a polyam friendly “code” – the Metamour Code (or MetaCode as we have called it). Are your Meta practices up to code? Listen to this episode to find out.

Episode 36 – Friends vs Lovers

While J’s M.O. is generally pretty “live and let live”, on occasion you will find a topic that the feels just fly on. In this episode we discuss and rant about the importance of intentional distinction between friends and lovers and how some people use polyamory as an excuse for their unhealthy behaviors. Making or priming all of your “friends” to be a polyamorous partner (to the exclusion of actually maintaining outside friendships) is an example of one of those actions – and one that J is (apparently) quite passionate about. Friends VS Lovers … annnnd GO!