Episode 10 – Poly Saturated

Being open and pliable is really important to the dating process of becoming ”poly-saturated.” It’s important to find and express your hard ‘no’s’ of course but you learn so much along the way – through the heartache and the magic. It’s worth?- Well, that’s up to you. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Episode 9 – Poly Misconceptions

People on the outside know it all, right? They know everything you’re going to share with them as soon as you tell them that you’re polyamorous – and if they don’t, they have lots of questions. I’m sure you’d all agree that dispelling the myths and misconceptions about our lifestyle is just a side-effect of being polyam. In this episode, we discuss those all-too-frequent interrogatory pokes and nods that are par for the polyamorous course.

Episode 7 – Have you hugged your metamour today?

Metamours can be one of the biggest perks or one of the biggest stressors to being polyamorous. Taking care to respect your partners choices by having a healthy relationship with your metamours is important. Listen as we discuss the ins and outs of the world of metamourdom and maybe even metamourph your views on the importance of your partner’s partners.