Episode 17 – Poly Holidays Part 1

Jingle jangle your bells with us as we kick off our PolyHolidays episodes. We did a little something different in this 2 part podcast and interviewed one of our fantabulous listeners who nests with a polycule of 13. Lots of tips on surviving, thriving, and rocking out the holiday season being polyam!

Episode 16 – Poly Merch

Shopping in general can be a challenge – shopping for your significant others in a way that reflects your relationship status takes the difficulty to a whole new level. Here we discuss ideas and methods that we’ve used and we’ve seen others use to help aid those poly-merch blues.

Episode 15 – Traveling Poly

Travel-a-POLY – We wanted to kick off our Poly Holly-Days series with what turned into a 2-part episode of traveling with your whole polyamorous crew. The tips therein can be used for anyone really, but there are special things to consider when you’re vacationing travel-a-poly style.

Episode 14 – Dating

Join us on our better late than never episode – number 14 – where we touch on a few aspects of dating and where J trademarks yet another term. We discuss dating dos and don’ts, poly and mono dating, and LDRs.

Episode 13 – A-poly-gies (5 apology languages)

Apparently there’s a language for everything now. Do your your partners apologize differently than you? What’s your apology language? What is your partners apology language? Find out more in this 13th episode of A-Poly-Gees.

5 Apology Languages https://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/apology/

5 Apology Languages bookhttps://www.amazon.com/Five-Languages-Apology-Experience-Relationships/dp/1881273792/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1571633498&sr=8-1

National Domestic Violence hotlinehttps://www.thehotline.org/

Episode 12 – Love Languages

Join us on this episode as we venture into the balls of wax known as LOVE LANGUAGES. Dun dun dunnnn. What’s your love language? What love language do you “hear” most? How do you express love and like to be shown love? All of this and more hi-jinks ensue. Follow us down the rabbit hole for episode 12.

Link to 5 Love Languages book

Website for the test and information on the languages.

Episode 11 – Hi Arky (hierarchy)

Fasten your seat belts folks as we careen down the hierarchical highway of structure and non-structure, and roles and rules. We discuss a few different types of hierarchy, what we practice and why, and others that we have experienced even if vicariously through others. A sensitive topic for some – as we are all passionately trying to defend our lifestyles. We reiterate – again and again – do what works for you.

This is the article I was talking about on the podcast about contacting crow.


Episode 10 – Poly Saturated

Being open and pliable is really important to the dating process of becoming ”poly-saturated.” It’s important to find and express your hard ‘no’s’ of course but you learn so much along the way – through the heartache and the magic. It’s worth?- Well, that’s up to you. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Episode 9 – Poly Misconceptions

People on the outside know it all, right? They know everything you’re going to share with them as soon as you tell them that you’re polyamorous – and if they don’t, they have lots of questions. I’m sure you’d all agree that dispelling the myths and misconceptions about our lifestyle is just a side-effect of being polyam. In this episode, we discuss those all-too-frequent interrogatory pokes and nods that are par for the polyamorous course.