Poly-Saturated Poly-Saturated Podcast Episode 44 – Wants and Needs

Episode 44 – Wants and Needs

Many times, we disregard our needs because they have been minimalized and marginalized in society as being “choices.” While it’s important to recognize chances to compromise, it is also important to advocate for those things that make you – you and how people can show up for you and fulfill your desire to live your best life. As Crow mentions in this episode, many wouldn’t buy a home without indoor plumbing – but, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not considered a “need” when in actuality – it is most decidedly a NEED to provide what you’re looking for. We learn to reframe and rethink our verbage for wants vs needs in our 44th episode.

Your hosts are J, Crow, and Xan.

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