Poly-Saturated Poly-Saturated Podcast Episode 31 – Abuse

Episode 31 – Abuse

We mentioned many resources for victims of abuse in this episode.

Here are the links and info we promised you.
Please be safe and love and value yourself enough to remove what hurts you and choose to instead surround yourself with people who love you and build you up – not tear you down or minimalize the depth of the magnificent person you are. You are magnificent. You are worthy of love and growth and support. You matter. So much.

#1 Types and Signs of Abuse

#2 Resources

#3 How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse

The movers I mentioned in the podcast that help domestic abuse victims are located on the West coast in the U.S. and are called Meathead Movers. They run Meathead Way.

In Houston there was mention of another similar company and their company is 3 Men Movers.

You can always call your local moving companies and see if they, or a company they know of, offers services for abuse victims needing to flee.

Of course, for information, you can always contact The National Domestic Abuse Hotline – as they would be a cornerstone for local or national help available to you.

If you need immediate emergency shelter, call your local police department and ask for the info on those resources or call 9-1-1.

Love and blessings to your tired souls sweet beans! It does get easier. It does get better. But it does require you to take action.




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