Episode 58 – Not Politics

Politics! POLITICS! Politics! … Uh, how about NO! We’re avoiding politics in this episode and we’re talking about whatever happens to come to our wild mustangy minds. Join us on the crazy train to  Poly Saturated Land. You may get wet on this ride.

Episode 52 – Sh-Stuff People Say to Poly People

If we could have been paid for every single snide or off-hand comment people make to not just polyam people, but to people who are living “alternative” lifestyles, we would be swimming like Scrooge McDuck in our filthy earnings for having endured the preposterous statements and accusations we encounter on nearly a daily basis. In this episode, you get to relive them with us – without the damage of having swam through gold coins – and maybe we’ll even touch upon the ones that you’ve gotten comfy with answering – or the ones that you yourself suggested.

Episode 48 – The C word (No not that one)

Poly-Saturated Podcast
Episode 48 – The C word

In any successful relationship, we all know what it boils down to … That C word … ya know … Communication. FINALLY after 47 episodes, it occurred to us that we might oughta do an episode on something we’ve created a game around and something every single person does all day every day with every single person in our lives. COMMUNICATE – take a sip.

How Lack Of Communication Can Sneakily Ruin Relationships & How To Fix It


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Episode 24 – Cheating vs Poly

#Don’tBeaDick is what we said we were going to tagline this episode. Basically, we bounced around and explained the ways that polyamory is the polar opposite of cheating and take you on a ride with us in and around, up and down and back again through our collective rabbit holes.