Episode 73 – Pride Month

Happy Pride Month everyone!!!
In this episode we go into why limiting statements such as “why don’t we have a straight pride month” are more damaging than beneficial – and why they make people angry.
Be your beautiful version of you and find your tribe.

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Episode 52 – Sh-Stuff People Say to Poly People

If we could have been paid for every single snide or off-hand comment people make to not just polyam people, but to people who are living “alternative” lifestyles, we would be swimming like Scrooge McDuck in our filthy earnings for having endured the preposterous statements and accusations we encounter on nearly a daily basis. In this episode, you get to relive them with us – without the damage of having swam through gold coins – and maybe we’ll even touch upon the ones that you’ve gotten comfy with answering – or the ones that you yourself suggested.

Episode 3 – Jealousy and Compersion

Episode 3 – Jealousy and Compersion

In this episode we go over jealousy and compersion. We discuss how the sneaky little bastard (the J word) Jealousy is recognized and what to do with the bastard once it appears. We also talk about compurrrrsion and how compersion brings a different form of happiness into your life as well as ways that this heart-swelling emotion can be shown and expressed.