Episode 47 – Poly Apps

Polyappery. Polyappmosphere. We’re talking apps. Especially with the new restrictions on physical interaction, technology is evolving and meeting whole new levels, catering to different needs and communities that have often been overlooked. We discuss some apps we’ve found useful over the years – and even did a bit of research into some newer ones that look promising.

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Well, all good things must come to an end…right?




Episode 46 – Hodge Podge – Living Agreements

In this week’s episode, we discuss nesting and living agreements. Having any sort of functional way of living, whether single, polyam, monog, or what have you, in order to maintain a sense of order and flow, we put into place tons of living agreements. We discuss some that we’ve encountered throughout our polyam life and the ones we’ve incorporated into our happy little polycule to help from being driven to drop the People’s Elbow on our cherished loved ones.

Episode 45 – Bi vs Pansexual

In this week’s episode, we interview some of our favorite guests (our children) Mercury, Amethyst, and Selkie, where we go head to head and toe to toe discussing bisexuality and pansexuality and a bunch of topics in-between.

Episode 44 – Wants and Needs

Many times, we disregard our needs because they have been minimalized and marginalized in society as being “choices.” While it’s important to recognize chances to compromise, it is also important to advocate for those things that make you – you and how people can show up for you and fulfill your desire to live your best life. As Crow mentions in this episode, many wouldn’t buy a home without indoor plumbing – but, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not considered a “need” when in actuality – it is most decidedly a NEED to provide what you’re looking for. We learn to reframe and rethink our verbage for wants vs needs in our 44th episode.

Your hosts are J, Crow, and Xan.

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Episode 43 – Integrating kids – Part 1

In this week’s cast of podding we go into the nitty gritty of integrating families. We had so much to gab about it, we had to turn it into 2 episodes. Listen along as we discuss our views and experiences with integrating our families and the different parenting techniques people may use within their family and how to make it all work as seamlessly as possible.

Your hosts are J, Crow, and Xan.

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Episode 42 – STIs

For this week’s topic, we do what we are known to do and keep it very real for you by talking about a topic that should be normalized – STDS. Millions of people suffer and struggle with STDs.

Episode 40 – Lessons Learned Part 2

Part 2

A suggested topic from our listener Kimmers. We discuss lessons learned and things we wish we would have know before starting in the polyamorous lifestyle. Join us as we continue the discussion.

Episode 39 – Date Night Derailment

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” by: Some inspirational person.
Plans don’t always work out the way we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the time and opportunities that happen instead. Loving more often means giving more – but also – getting more in return. “Be excellent to each other” – also by some inspirational people.