Episode 11 – Hi Arky (hierarchy)

Fasten your seat belts folks as we careen down the hierarchical highway of structure and non-structure, and roles and rules. We discuss a few different types of hierarchy, what we practice and why, and others that we have experienced even if vicariously through others. A sensitive topic for some – as we are all passionately trying to defend our lifestyles. We reiterate – again and again – do what works for you.

This is the article I was talking about on the podcast about contacting crow.


Episode 10 – Poly Saturated

Being open and pliable is really important to the dating process of becoming ”poly-saturated.” It’s important to find and express your hard ‘no’s’ of course but you learn so much along the way – through the heartache and the magic. It’s worth?- Well, that’s up to you. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Episode 9 – Poly Misconceptions

People on the outside know it all, right? They know everything you’re going to share with them as soon as you tell them that you’re polyamorous – and if they don’t, they have lots of questions. I’m sure you’d all agree that dispelling the myths and misconceptions about our lifestyle is just a side-effect of being polyam. In this episode, we discuss those all-too-frequent interrogatory pokes and nods that are par for the polyamorous course.

Episode 7 – Have you hugged your metamour today?

Metamours can be one of the biggest perks or one of the biggest stressors to being polyamorous. Taking care to respect your partners choices by having a healthy relationship with your metamours is important. Listen as we discuss the ins and outs of the world of metamourdom and maybe even metamourph your views on the importance of your partner’s partners.

Episode 6 – Accommodating needs

Today we discuss needs. If you are reading this blurb, one thing is certain – you have needs. Each person we encounter has needs. The closer we are to others, the more we will find ourselves accommodating others and having others accommodate us. Needs vary person to person and we touch on different areas you may need to anticipate with current and future partners and how to go about making sure you and your partners are living your best lives.

Episode 5 – Polyamory: Not for the lazy lover

What’s the secret to ever-lasting love and happiness? Well, we aren’t quite sure – but we do know that life is best lived fully by providing richness and fullness for ourselves and others. Join us as we discuss how laziness will get you a failed relationship and just make you generally haz a sad. If you’re a lazy lover, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Episode 3 – Jealousy and Compersion

Episode 3 – Jealousy and Compersion

In this episode we go over jealousy and compersion. We discuss how the sneaky little bastard (the J word) Jealousy is recognized and what to do with the bastard once it appears. We also talk about compurrrrsion and how compersion brings a different form of happiness into your life as well as ways that this heart-swelling emotion can be shown and expressed.