Episode 20 – Blending Traditions

One of the biggest blessings of being polyam or having a blended family is the rainbow of differences each person brings to the table, and with it, their experiences and pieces of their hearts and souls. Holidays hold even more significance in the hearts of those we love. In this episode we discuss what the benefits are of being open to discovering what the holidays mean to your loved ones and then experiencing it with them and through their eyes.

Episode 19 – Our monkies our circus

We were overjoyed when our kiddos got excited when we asked them if they would like to be interviewed. We all crammed in the closet and they opened up and lent us their experiences and insight on the pros and cons of being a polyam kid for the holidays.

Episode 18 – Poly holiday peopling

Are you’re holiday get-togethers a bit frosty? Are you ho ho horrified about the thought of seeing certain people? In this episode, we discuss making healthy decisions regarding the company you keep, coping mechanisms and techniques and other ways to make sure that whatever you’re celebrating is as holly-jolly as you’d like it to be.

Episode 17 – Poly Holidays Part 1

Jingle jangle your bells with us as we kick off our PolyHolidays episodes. We did a little something different in this 2 part podcast and interviewed one of our fantabulous listeners who nests with a polycule of 13. Lots of tips on surviving, thriving, and rocking out the holiday season being polyam!

Episode 16 – Poly Merch

Shopping in general can be a challenge – shopping for your significant others in a way that reflects your relationship status takes the difficulty to a whole new level. Here we discuss ideas and methods that we’ve used and we’ve seen others use to help aid those poly-merch blues.

Episode 15 – Traveling Poly

Travel-a-POLY – We wanted to kick off our Poly Holly-Days series with what turned into a 2-part episode of traveling with your whole polyamorous crew. The tips therein can be used for anyone really, but there are special things to consider when you’re vacationing travel-a-poly style.

Episode 14 – Dating

Join us on our better late than never episode – number 14 – where we touch on a few aspects of dating and where J trademarks yet another term. We discuss dating dos and don’ts, poly and mono dating, and LDRs.