Episode 37 – Meta-Code

When operating within the societal norms of interpersonal relationships, we have developed, as a culture, what some have dubbed the “code” (ie: Bro Code). This code puts into effect certain rules that those in your circle are to adhere to when it comes to interacting with one another. We introduce you to a polyam friendly “code” – the Metamour Code (or MetaCode as we have called it). Are your Meta practices up to code? Listen to this episode to find out.

Episode 36 – Friends vs Lovers

While J’s M.O. is generally pretty “live and let live”, on occasion you will find a topic that the feels just fly on. In this episode we discuss and rant about the importance of intentional distinction between friends and lovers and how some people use polyamory as an excuse for their unhealthy behaviors. Making or priming all of your “friends” to be a polyamorous partner (to the exclusion of actually maintaining outside friendships) is an example of one of those actions – and one that J is (apparently) quite passionate about. Friends VS Lovers … annnnd GO!

Episode 32 – Age Gap

Age – We’re going there. Because, why not? Do you have age limits on who you date? How low or high will you go? Have you thought about the nuances involved that comes along with being with someone significantly older or younger than you? We discuss all of this and more. OH – and another coffee review just for you!

Episode 31 – Abuse

We mentioned many resources for victims of abuse in this episode.

Here are the links and info we promised you.
Please be safe and love and value yourself enough to remove what hurts you and choose to instead surround yourself with people who love you and build you up – not tear you down or minimalize the depth of the magnificent person you are. You are magnificent. You are worthy of love and growth and support. You matter. So much.

#1 Types and Signs of Abuse

#2 Resources

#3 How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse

The movers I mentioned in the podcast that help domestic abuse victims are located on the West coast in the U.S. and are called Meathead Movers. They run Meathead Way.

In Houston there was mention of another similar company and their company is 3 Men Movers.

You can always call your local moving companies and see if they, or a company they know of, offers services for abuse victims needing to flee.

Of course, for information, you can always contact The National Domestic Abuse Hotline – as they would be a cornerstone for local or national help available to you.

If you need immediate emergency shelter, call your local police department and ask for the info on those resources or call 9-1-1.

Love and blessings to your tired souls sweet beans! It does get easier. It does get better. But it does require you to take action.

Get Help


Domestic Violence Hotlines

Episode 30 – We Trippin

In this episode, with our special guest, we kind of let it all fly and vent and discuss some of our more crazy and messed up experiences in the polyam lifestyle. Our guest, Jesus, gives us some insight into her experiences and we just have a lot of fun. Get ready to laugh and maybe say “wtf am I even listening to here” in this, our 30th episode, in the days and life of Polysaturated.

Episode 29 – Poly Quarantine

In this episode, we got the family together to talk about tips and hints and healthy ways for you and your polycule to soar through these trying times. Yes, it’s a serious and concerning time. Can you still make the best of it? ABSOLUTLEY! We’ll get through this together. Check our social media for links to the resources mentioned during the podcast.

The Tapping Solution – Eft
Is this episode we mentioned tools to help bring calm and stress relief. There is actually a Corona virus anxiety meditation/tapping session as well as many more valuable resources.


Sounds True
This site is full of webinars and meditations geared toward empowering and uplifting you as well as calming and destressing.

Resilience in Challenging Times | Free Mindfulness Courses for Overcoming Fear & Anxiety in 2020

Museum Collection Coloring Books
We mentioned these. Xan’s girlfriend sent us this link and I squeed when I saw some of the images… I can’t wait to start printing these pages


Article on National Parks that may possibly be free

Virtual School Activities
We discussed this link where kids of all ages can go and take virtual tours of so many places – and much much more fun learning things to occupy. Check them all out.

Melissa Etheridge’s Live Stream

Steam Powered Giraffe’s Live Stream

Jay Schwed Traveling Gyspy Jay Sound Healer


So, send us your resources and tools and activities that you’re utilizing during this quarantine and what you think of the resources we’ve listed above. .

Episode 28 – Bediquette

Bediquette. It’s important in a polycule to consider the needs of your partners. Sleeping schedules and varying needs can be a lot to juggle – but you can do it successfully.

Episode 27 – Fear

Being afraid is a defense mechanism that has been programmed into our DNA as a means of survival to meet our basic needs. Fears serve a purpose to make us aware of potential danger. Best way to quell fear to acknowledge it and embrace it, assess the risk versus potential gain, and proceed. In this episode we talk about the normal fears of taking the leaps that living your best life may require.